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ASME B31.3
ASTM D 2855WELD*ON Certified ASME B31.3 ASTM D 2855


ASME B31.3

ASTM D 2855

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Licensed by TDLR

TICL #807

RAIL #333064

CPO certification by NSPF
www.nspf.orgCPO certification by NSPF

Certified Pool Spa InspectorCertified Pool Spa Inspector

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Freedom Pool Service of the Bay Area

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Passed IPSSA Basic Equipment Certification Exam

Posted 7/15/2014

IPSSA study material is very detailed and complete.  I have been working with Jim Jacobsmeyer (IPSSA Houston president/ Sunchase Pools& Spas) on some repair jobs.  With both, the hands on mentoring of Jim, and the thorough instruction of the IPSSA study material, I was able to pass the exam with 39 minutes to spare and only missed 1 question.  

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Passed IPSSA Basic Water Chemistry Certification Exam

Posted 5/28/2014

The training manual I studied for the Basic Water Chemistry Certification Exam was the most thorough training I had on the subject. I know I am more equipped to provide our customers the excellent service we strive for than I was before the exam.

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Certified Pool Operator (CPO)

Posted 5/14/2014

Passing the Certification Test for CPO with the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) is another step in our path to excellence as your Pool Service company.


Posted 5/8/2014

Freedom Pool Service is in the process of joining IPSSA, the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association. This will provide additional credibility with those who don't know us yet.

IPSSA has 3 chapters in Houston, and is presently establishing a forth, the Clear Lake chapter. This an exciting time to be in the Pool & Spa industry in Houston.

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