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ASME B31.3
ASTM D 2855WELD*ON Certified ASME B31.3 ASTM D 2855


ASME B31.3

ASTM D 2855

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Licensed by TDLR

TICL #807

RAIL #333064

CPO certification by NSPF
www.nspf.orgCPO certification by NSPF

Certified Pool Spa InspectorCertified Pool Spa Inspector

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Freedom Pool Service of the Bay Area

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Partial Service Weekly Cleaning includes:


  •     Test the water pH, chlorine, and total alkalinity levels

  •     Test the Salt level if you have a Salt pool

  •     Add required chemicals to water to maintain proper levels

  •     (Monthly: test TDS, Calcium hardness, and CYA)

  •     Clean all skimmer baskets, and the pump strainer basket

  •     Brush pool walls, steps, and spa

  •     Verify equipment is in good working order

  •     Fill out Pool Maintenance Card to keep in control box


While there are some Pool Service Companies which have "Chemicals Only" service, it just seems like the right thing to do that while we're there monitoring your chemicals, to empty the skimmer baskets and verify the proper equipment function, so that's why we have Partial Service.

... And brushing the walls, steps, and spa just can't be done too much.

Call or Text 832-840-0887Call or Text 832-840-0887